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An Occasion Worthy of Vintage Burnout-Velvet


My favorite fabric store in Chicago, Textile Discount Outlet, is packed with rare and gorgeous vintage fabrics. I had been eyeing this burn-out velvet for months but for the first time, probably ever, I felt this fabric was too special to buy without just cause. Luckily, my friends Sam and Michael got engaged. I was ecstatic, finally an excuse to wear burnout-velvet! Oh, and congratulations…

Oh velvet! You temptress!


I started by draping an understructure using a stiffer crinoline and a medium weight tulle. Then I created a pattern with a boat neckline, two waist darts and a low v-back.

As you can see, I work only in meticulously organized spaces and my process is neat and streamlined.

I was determined to make the inside of my dress worthy of the fabric on the outside and before I knew what was happening the skirt had become eight layers.


To make a long story short, the wedding was beyond fabulous. Sam and Michael are a portrait of love, commitment and everything a marriage should be. Les Sighs.


Oh yeah, and then we partied like a bunch of animals!



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