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The Five Hour Evening Gown

My fancy boyfriend works for a fancy company that had their holiday party at the Field Museum. Last year I wore a dress I made in college, which is lovely, but other folks were wearing floor length gowns and I was insanely jealous. No one told me I could wear a gown! Now that my prom days are behind me, there really aren’t that many opportunities for a country bumpkin like me to get formal. When evening wear is an appropriate option, expect me in a floor length gown. The petit hiccup was, being 20-something and the portrait of a struggling artist, my stock of Elie Saab and Valentino gowns is limited to, uh, none. On top of that I had three days to come up with something that would be fabulous enough to impress all of my boyfriend’s impressive colleagues.

So, I took a late night trip to Joann’s and bought $15 worth of black stretch velvet and I just started cutting out shapes.

Shape one.
Shape two.
I sewed one seam up the back and then attached the two together. Then a problem……

I guess the issue with not having a fully formed plan and cutting first is that you run out of fabric. Yeah. I didn’t really think that one through… the how do I make this stay on me thoughts came a little late in the process. This back isn’t what I would have done if I had had all the options, but it came out better than I thought it would. I cut some of the length off the hem and made these straps.

It ended up being much less of a low back on me than on the form. Which is maybe a good accident considering I ate a lot and danced pretty hard.

This dress turned out to be so much more elegant than I expected it to and total it took me about five hours! I wore my five hour evening gown very proudly and topped it off with my favorite pair of earrings. Here are some photos from one of the most fabulous of evenings! Happy Holidays all my fellow crafties!


Please excuse my selfie, I was proud of my sudden ability to curl my hair!
Please excuse my selfie, I was proud of my sudden ability to curl my hair!
There’s that baldy!
Check out the beautiful beaded purse from the 30s my mom gave me at Thanksgiving!
A girl can't wear stilettos when grasping across the African safari! *cough* exhibit.
A girl can’t wear stilettos when traipsing across the African safari!
*cough* exhibit.
Dan and Meg’s Sue selfie! Featuring a pair of sparkly earrings made by yours truly! Aren’t they cute!
LBD and sparkly earrings. We are so Audrey.
Ah hey Sue!
Ah hey Sue!



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