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My Grace Kelly Dress

I bought this dress at a consignment shop in my hometown called Mimi’s. Being raised a bargain hunter, it is out of character for me to spend $50 on a dress from a thrift store, but this one was too beautiful. I tried it on and it was over. I felt like Grace Kelly.

Lauren and Patrick’s Wedding
My best friends on graduation day!

I wore my Grace Kelly dress to multiple parties, a wedding and my college graduation and though she held up through a drunken conga line, the armpit gave up when I tried to put my arm around my very tall brother’s shoulder. Poor Grace Kelly.


I was so devastated it has taken me a year to even think about what I could do to salvage maybe the most beautiful piece of clothing I own. The fabric is this VERY delicate silk and, seeing as the dress is about 60 years old, was beginning to disintegrate. But finally, last week, not without pain and some hand holding, I cut up my dress in an attempt to save it. I put in a lining hoping to discourage any further shredding of the fabric, added various grosgrains and snaps and made some straps out of the yoke.

The new lining

After four nights of what felt like performing some sort of dangerous medical procedure, my sweet dress once again had a heart beat. The outcome is beautiful and I have been strutting around Charleston in my new-old dress feeling like a million bucks. It’s so gratifying, breathing new life into something old.

My friend Hannah took this very Grace Kelly picture for me…

*Splendid, shall we retire to the drawing room for tea?*

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