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Necklace for a Naked Dress

The week I left Chicago I bought a dress at the Salvation Army for $10, a predictable indulgence but an atypical purchase. It’s what my friend Maggie likes to call *A Naked Dress* à la Sex and the City — i.e. a slinky sort of dress that is the same color as your skin. I usually shy away from light pink things because they tend to make me look like a splotchy blob on toothpick legs, but this one was special, silky, and it still had the boutique tags on it. As a self proclaimed thrift store junkie, it is almost impossible for me to pass up something that I know some indulgent girl spent $100 on, never wore, and discarded without hesitation. Poor neglected dress, I thought, I will love you. I bought it knowing that once I had acquired that beachy South Carolina tan, I would be much less blobby.


I decided tonight was the night and I would throw caution to the wind and wear my naked dress. I have spent the last two hours creating a necklace designed in it’s honor. The stones are a mishmash of things that I had and the fabulous chain is from a necklace I bought for $5 at a church rummage sale down the street from where I am living.

photo 2I am so happy with how this necklace turned out. I am going to have to make some more! I think tying knots in chain might be a new obsession of mine after this. I love how it hangs! Watch out Charleston! Look out Spoleto Festival! I’m out to trout tonight! Off to see A Brimful of Asha with my friend Chloe and then drinks with the costume gang and some actors from My Cousin Rachel.


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