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Super Princess

I never cease to be amazed by how real imaginary everything can be to the child who invented it. When I was a camp councilor last summer I was lucky enough to have a 4 year old boy named Rishi and 3 year old brother Ravi in my group. They were both a joy and had incredible imaginations. Rishi was in fact, depending on the day, two people. Sometimes he was, “Just Rishi!” but sometimes he was, “Super Princess!” If you were to address him as Rishi on a Super Princess day he would look around him and say, “Who???” For Halloween this year his mother asked me if I would be able to make Super Princess a cape. I was delighted.

Just a little sketch
Just a little sketch

I had a very extensive phone conference with Rishi, which his little brother kept interrupting to inform that he was going to be “Man Bat.” He wanted, purple, pink, diamonds, a wand, a crown, sparkles, ruffles, bells, whistles and just about everything else. In the end I settled on purple satin, sparkle organza and iron on letters from Joann’s. A happy compromise I thought, but judging by Rishi’s reaction when he saw it, to him, it may as well have been hand beaded silk. So happy I could put a smile on that sweet face!

Look at that sweet face!
Look at that sweet face!

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